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Good Porteplume 2012-01-28 13:24

Hi Carlos,

Bienvenue, Welcome on TE.
I'm glad you found out the way to resize your photo.

On first sight I can say there are 3 little mistakes that easily can be avoided a next time. While shooting or after shot with a PP program like Photoshop Elements.
I loaded a WorkShop to let see you the mistakes:

Just a very quick PP (post-processing)
1/ Adjusted contrast - The image was not bright enough and the contrasts too soft.

2/ Adjusted level - (About the same as above)

3/ Cropped the image to get the bird a bit more out of center. It's "mostly" nicer to get your main object a little bit out of center. There is a rule which is called "Rule of third" like here and that could help you understand how to build a composition - * * * But, in my opinion, it's not always necessary to follow that rule, you can also follow your feeling about the place of the main object in your composition. Here the rule of third works best...

Also cropped the lower part of the picture and the green basket which was not a nice object and could be taken away as it is not a "nice" part of the composition.

Amicalement - Viviane

TE is all about sharing, photos, notes & discussions. :o)

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Default To Porteplume: Thank you!


I have to thank you a lot!
I observed your work with the photo and it looked really better.
The rule of third is very interesting.
I'm not used to this idea of processing the photo once it's made. I'm an amator and I still have the romantic and popular idea that the photo you could do at the time you took it is the photo you have to show.
I'll try to improve in the next photos.

Thank you again!

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