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Great auldal 2011-12-10 12:49

Wow - what a difference from the original, excellent crop and very striking. What PP did you use?

Old 12-12-2011, 09:45 PM
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Default To auldal: PP

Thank you)
I didn't really do much (used Photoshop instruments):
– first I cropped the image to remove the road with the cars (so ugly that part was) and balance the compo (classical rule of the thirds);
– then I cloned out lampposts and cables – I really disliked them;
– to comply with TE standards: some unsharp mask and then resize.
Cloning took the longest of course.

Ah, forgot:

I have another shot made a few meters to the left of this vantage point.
I copied some areas (just one or two quite small fragments) from there to paste them here.
With some clone-adjustment they fit perfectly cuz the distortion was minimal.
One symmetrical element, I just copied it from the original and pasted it with a horizontal (or vertical, I always forget the term) flip and some clone-adjustments.

By the way, I took this shot without a tripod with quite a long exposure (1/2s, right?). Used some surface to fix the cam. Luckily, it was absolutely horizontal
so I didn't have to rotate the picture at all. And luckily, it allowed this view )

I think the PP was really simple.
It just takes time and patience to remove cables and lampposts.
Luckily, there aren't any billboards, of which is Moscow full
(The Moskovites say, we can't see the sky cuz of the billboards).

Funnily, we often call one kind of billboards “shield” or “commercial shield”
which is щит in Russian and is pronounced exactly the same as the English word “shit”, hehe)
Quite a symbolic coincidence, cuz all those billboards are always spoiling pictures.
I think, billboards deserve this coincidence, cuz they're absolutely tasteless.
I hope, they'll die out, cuz they are proving ineffective at attracting attention,
rather being ignored or despised by those who haven't killed sense of natural beauty in themselves.
There's hardly any chance to clone these shield out of photos without using appropriate substitutes (the latter are difficult to find or make).
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clone, clone out, crop, rule of the thirds

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