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Great bantonbuju 2011-10-11 6:19

privjet ilgiz,

i went through you gallery and i have few observations:

first: you post too rarely...
secondly: your vision of the world is pretty refreshing, therefore you should post more often
third: you experiment quite a lot, to my taste a bit too much, but - hey - you look for something new, and quite often you find really good, new, insporing things...

like in this, underestimated image where we may only imagine how vast, how severe, how demanding is that land of the ural mountains....

hope to visit russia soon, that's my dream at the moment...

best wishes, j.

(ps. i'll comment on your comment to my today's post, later... it's really a valuable ammendment to my photo)

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ilghiz ilghiz is offline
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Default To bantonbuju: Your observations

Thank you for such a detailed observation.
And I really appreciate the word refreshing)

Right, i don't often post here. Maybe it's because it usually takes me long to choose a shot. I sometimes make a list to upload within a following week but the next day I don't like the pictures, seeing too many imperfections (to my taste).

I experiment cuz I don't know the rules and don't have a particular taste.
With my old camera (an amateur 4mpx Canon) I couldn't ajust aperture and exposure time, so I had to deceive it by focusing on one object but shooting another, hehe (well, adjusting all settings available). Now I have a Canon with a 20x zoom and manual settings of aperture and exposure but still I'm not really happy about the results. I still can't get the background blurred (though I open the iris as much as possible). There's another thing I can't get from my cam: when I shoot a building in full detail and beautiful lighting, the sky flares white and flat; and vice versa, when the sky is amazing blue with detailed clouds, the building is dark and hardly visible, though now I can manually adjust settings. I heard, that's it's cuz of the matrix: it has a low dynamic range, so it either shoots lights or shadows. I wonder, if I'll have to buy a professional mirror camera…

This summer, though, has been productive. I took pictures almost every week. And every time I take a new picture I keep in mind my old shots. When looking at other people's shots I try to guess the shooting parameters: aperture, exposure, zoom etc. Kinda getting progessional). Some friends say my photos are getting better)))
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