To tomescuc: your comments

  • Thanks Cristian,

    I appreciate your compliment. Believe it or not this was a relatively straight camera shot, handheld against the railing with a 3.2 megapixel camera, no artificial lights were on and the last sunlight was grazing across the trenches as I was the last visitor out... I did boost contrast and burned some of the shadows, but kept the digital "mud" ( ie noise) simply because I like it in some photos, especially if it adds to the drama... later I realized that if you believe emperor qin's afterlife, then these soldiers are not simply artifacts but disinterred, disturbed from their under world, and tried to express that concept rather than post the hundreds of straight images I have of the terracotta warriors.

    Finally, I like trekearth and find many marvelous photo artists... I am not after mainstream points and the critiques of a few are just fine by me... the photoholik site does not impress me.