To alacious: Regarding Croping

  • Well perhaps its the gfact that I use the USM when the image is in its original size. Then I downsize it for Trek. But at any rate it is good to receive suggestions on honing our skills. I did get as low as possible on a drain pipe here. The other pic with the willow tree in it is on the other side of the road. You will find this place near the end ot McSween road heading north towards the Fraser River. thanks for your comments.
  • Re: To alacious: Regarding Croping
    Yes, I was just down there this afternoon, and thought I had seen something a bit familiar ;)

    Either way, like I said it's a pretty minor thing.. and most of the times it's barely even noticeable, it's just when you have trees or branches, it makes them look somewhat aliased or choppy. :)