Much much better. Way to go TE!

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  • Hi,

    I find the new design much better than the old one. Some bugs still have to be taken cared of but in general everything seems much more appealing, specially the photo quality. And no pointed pictures on the gallery. Great!

    It seems that there is going to be an exodus to TL. Poor guys. If they only knew what awaits them there...


    Thanks for the good work.

  • Re: Much much better. Way to go TE!
    Thanks for the good work?
    Are you high, or something?
    Jesus H. Christ!

  • Re: Much much better. Way to go TE!
    yes a fantastic brand new site, wow, how smart conceived in comparison with the old one ^^
    way to (don't) go (to) TE
  • Re: Much much better. Way to go TE!
    If I'm High?

    Why? Is there a problem with my opinion?
  • Re: Much much better. Way to go TE!
    I agree with Nuno actually, I must be 'high' also ;)
  • Re: Much much better. Way to go TE!
    Ha! Well, are you high? Come on, did you drink the special tea, eat the special brownies? I personally don't like it. It's too hard for my brain. I just learned RAW, am trying to do photoshop, and it's been five or more days since I unsuccessfully tried to download ringtones to my phone. Too much! It is running faster, though, than this morning.

  • Re: Much much better. Way to go TE!

    Hiiiii Faaaaraaaah! Thiiiiis brooooowniiiies... cooooool....

    Ringtones? I can't help you there. :-)

    Did I mention that you picture was great? Were you high too? Must give it some points!


  • Re: Much much better. Way to go TE!
    Which one? I posted one hours ago, with zero views. I don't think this new site is good. I noticed a lot of others with zero views. It's no longer interactive.
    But, I did learn from another ad where to purchase Queen palm trees.

    I NEED my Goblin ringtones. My life would be so much better with them.

  • Re: Much much better. Way to go TE!

    Farah, there's hope...:)

    The following msg was just posted on the above forum : (we had found out in the meantime anyway).

    "There is much left to do on the new design and we will be posting a list of new features in the coming weeks.

    We hope after more development the site will be huge improvement for everyone. We recognize that many in the community prefer the usability of the old site. So we put the previous look and feel up on It will work much like it did in the past with a few differences. As you update you photos or critiques they will be available to users on either site.

    We don't have immediate plans to remove but I can't promise that it will be there forever. However beta.trekearth will be a great place for your work while we continue to tweak the new site. If at some point we are unable to continue to support the old version we will release a change over schedule and give plenty of warning.

    We value each and every contribution and hope that you will continue to ad your photos and advice in the same manner as before.

    Brent Conver
    Site Director"

    See you around later.
  • Re: Much much better. Way to go TE!
    Nothing wrong with your opinion, just that the moderator have decide to shut up, the ones that don't share that same vision...and there are plenty. Even if they moved to TL, they couldn't be treated worse than here....Enjoy the mess.
    Ain't that funny.....)))