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I lime the idea of restricting this to a year. In 2005 Im sure we have enough good photos to put together a book. Ofcourse we cant print photos from TE, we need the original high resolution photos for that. Does everyone have their originals? That would cut the number of photos down too I think as probably not everyone keeps their originals. Just doing a 2005 book would cut the number of photos down considerably as well. Applying a filter like the favorites and/or a number of points would further reduce the number of photos we could do. So, I think its possible to do a 100-200 page general photography book for 2005 and cover most of the themes that occur on TE.

As for writing, I think its crucial to have good writing. The notes would have to be re-written specifically for the book.

However, as feasible an idea as a general book is, I much prefer doing a series of books with different themes. Portraits, landscapes, architectural shots, street life, etc. That would be far more interesting for me, it would be easier to gear for a particular audience and it would probably be far more inclusive as we would wind up doing more books and that means more photos.
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