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Default To Luko: thanks you all

hi there,

thank you very much for all your kind comments. i've been working on this pic for so many weeks! i guess i tried all possible convertions and tricks in ps (including curves, to which i've been introduced just recently). i'll take the recommendation of posting bigger.

luko goes right to this frame's point (yes, it was a whole film of people passing by): an old man petrified in time, staring at the speed and blurriness of the passbyers. i guess i will love this pic even more when, with the time, i start to get this feeling.

i love my rx. it's just a great camera. although is manual focus, yes, furachan, it could be considered as an hybrid because of the electronic focusing system. it could be darn useful when taking macro pics.

markoci, what is "carni shot"? i google it but... hope you will explain it to me!

last but no least, thank you shailendra for taking time to look and comment both my pics in TE. i'm new here. it will be therefore great if you could give me some assistance on those pp tools.

have a nice day!
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