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Default Re: TE book - Thread for funds and money related issues

I propose a very simple fund collection rule. We need to have at least a set of "confirmed buyers".

This group must rach at least 300 copies. I suggest everyone to confirm how many copies you are interested in.

We can assume a "value", let us say 60USD per copy, without taxes and shipping costs. This is not the cost of the copy, it is the "sales" value.

I clarify again, this is not a compromise, but just a figure to start thinking how much would the people pay for the copy. And to have an idea of how many copies we may print.

On the other hand paypal is ok. There are some countries where this does not work, for instance mine. So we have to find out at least three or four ways to collect the money in order to cover all of the countries involved in this project.

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