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Default Re: A few semiotics, if you please... (II)

------> suite.


I was not familiar with the semiotic square, but as far as I understand it, it can be rather interesting of articulating the signification of a structure in terms of binary oppositions and alternatives. What seems valuable to me is that these oppositions give rise to meaning, which is not the same thing as a simple set of contradictions . It seems as a form of dialectical logic in the way Hegel has approached it, particularly suited to analysing oppositions embedded within a synchronic view of culture.

As Iíve written in another thread, I donít particularly think that photography is ďusefulĒ , in itself, to the photographer in any way. But I do believe it is necessary in the way it translates our posture towards the subject of our logical or sensitive interpretation. And it definitely can carry multiple forms in its expression, which can be categorized, eventually, with the tool you suggest.
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