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Default Re: Magnum and small digital cameras

I am going to sound a slightly different chord here. Sure you are right that it is the imagination and vision that takes the photo, not the tools. But I think there is an important part that the tools play. In a certain way your favorite camera and lens, whatever that actually may be, could let your creativity flourish that may not just happen if you are even subliminally dissatisfied with your tools. This happened to me. I was taking third rate photos for years using my olympuses and pentaxes. These were great cameras and lenses, and I am sure I did what I could with them to take better photos. But the results were in a thousand would be worth a second look. When I changed over to a Nikon my photos became radically transformed. Perhaps one in a hundred was mentionable. I can't explain it except that I became more confident in my abilities with this tool...somewhat Rambo-like. Then I got a Leica, and immediately I experienced another boost. Now I am happy to say that I get about 1 shot in 20 or 30 to be reasonably OK. I don't know why except perhaps a confidence boost...and also here I have the best tool so there is no more excuse. Well, just some thoughts.
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