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Default To Suppiluliuma: tilting

Hello Erdem,

this is a recurrent problem with my photos... I've even opened a forum in another site to discuss the matter... actually there is no objective way to say if it's tilted or not because we don't have a sure reference here, like the real horizon or some vertical buildings (the hut and the watching wooden tower are too little to give a sure reference). what we see is the shore line which looks tilted because it's not parallel to the plane of the observer, and so it's natural according to the laws of perspective. But as a friend photographer observed what it's more important in a photo you are showing to the public it's the impression it gives. So even if it may not be tilted, if it gives the impression to be tilted it's better to straighten it. Problem is that I've not noticed it because I know well the place so it doesn't look tilted to my eyes...
I hope I managed to explain the problem clearly enough.

Thanks for your observation,
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