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Originally Posted by mjw364 View Post

PP - love it or hate it it is a useful tool but its how its used and shouldn't be considered a replacement for the processes leading up to the actual shot in the first place... that's where the understanding and real skill lies...

I agree absolutely with all that you say here. Surely it's better to get capture the image 'properly' in the first place than to have to waste time putting it right later. For many years I worked purely with slide film where you really had no option but to get it right in camera as there was nothing you could do to correct the image after the event. I think that helped provide a pretty solid grounding in thinking about composition, exposure etc.
There was also the not inconsiderable cost of film & processing to consider.
I believe many photographers who have been brought up on digital images could benefit from emulating the constraints of film by undertaking a simple exercise. - Go out for the day and restrict yourself to 100 shots - roughly the equivalent of 3 x 36 exposure films. Concentrate on composition, exposure, use of ND grad & polarising filters and try to produce images which require an absolute minimum of manipulation other than application of the Unsharp Mask after the event. No 'machine-gun' shooting where people seem to be working on the basis that if they take enough shots some must be worth keeping.
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