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Wink I joined the club!

Well I had my first image removed yesterday! I feel like I'm one of the gang now! I received an email as described above and I sent a review request as per above. As yet nothing...

But - previously I have posted an infra red image of Queen Victoria on do so I didnt use the automatic infra red filter in CS4 but followed an exercise on how to D.I.Y in a photography magazine - quite a few steps involved and so to my mind a well and truly post processed image...

Now the reason given for my image removal was for "excessive post processing" and it was an infra red image... this time all I did was adjust levels, desaturate and add infra red filter effect in CS4 - 3 step process... not so much processing to my mind... I even explained how I had done it in my note. The image was still of a place and was the third of a series of images based around a canal shot where I had given some detail about the place in keeping with TE generally.

My question is who decides what "excessive processing" is? Surely its subjective if no details of how you post processed it are provided? In fact one of my earlier images "Arley Skies" has some clearly heavily processed colours and sky that makes it obvious that a significant amount of post processing has taken place... but nothing said about that and I'm sure we could all select several hundred heavily processed images on TE if not more...

So my question is - who defines that particular term "excessive processing"? Is it based on the number of processing steps involved or is it because someone says "It looks heavily processed" in which case you would have to take a few thousand images off TE right now!

Moreover, is an infra red effect more likely to be viewed pejoratively by moderators because they do look so obviously processed? If so is TE biased towards processed colour photographs in a subtle way? I hope not there are some great infra red images around. I kinda thought the one I had removed was one of them since it got rave reviews on another site!

Ok - over to you guys... the can of worms is open... I kicked the hornets nest... I am provoking debate... I lit the blue touch paper...
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