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Default Alert!

Hello Francio - I posted the same alert on 15 May under feedback and support, and have a whole thread running about copyright etc under the topic Pinterest. Explore the Earth is just one more site where our images are being displayed without permission or credits. It is my opinion that until there is a groundswell of complaint from TE members the TE management will not do anything to protect us. TE is a business and the more people that walk over the front step the more revenue they collect. Tumblr is another of the link buttons that we now have under the shots we post. TE is clear in its copyright terms but who bothers with them when the pinning links are so clearly displayed. I am considering leaving TE but at the moment wait for Admin and Management to come up with some positive ways in which to help us with this issue.

I'm glad that you seem to be concerned too..... Let's try and get this sorted out!

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