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Default Re: Travelling Scandinavia this Summer...

Two of my favorite spots on the southeast coast of Sweden are Österlen in southeastern Skåne (or Scania) and the island of Öland (which literally is 'Island-land').

Öland is the long narrow island off Kalmar. It has beautiful beaches, the one at Böda is great and has a nice campsite as well. Böda is pretty close to the north tip of the Island on the east side. The western northern coast is nice as well with a lot of limestone quarries where you can find fossiles and stony beaches. The island is also famous for its inland nature with lots of moors and junipers. There is also an old weathered forest to the north called 'Trollskogen' (troll forest). The landscape is dominated by the abundant windmills.

Österlen has a lot of traditional farming landscape with castles and old country estates. There is also a beautiful relic from the vikings called 'Ale stenar' that should be seen. There are quite a few sunbathing oppurtunities here but swimming is usually not recommended in june due to cold currents, the water usually doesn't reach 20 degrees celsius until August.

I hope this was helpful. I will probably be in China all summer so I will have to decline your invitation.
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