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Default Re: Posts without notes????

Well, in my opinion, no photo worth a thousand words… With a clever POV you may turn a photo of a dead bank robber (who has just killed 10 people), in a martyr like image…

Without entering in controversies, just imagine a photo from Palestine, and how the lack of a note explaining the situation may create confusion and difficulty in interpreting a certain situation. This may be an extreme example due to the radical POV’s over the happenings there, but shows well how needed a note may be.

So, without a proper note, “confusion” may be installed regarding what is the photographer objective in showing that photo as well the context it’s happening.

Also, a simple photo of dolphins jumping out of water may be worthless without a note. It’s an image most of us have already seen a thousand times, but what do most of us know about dolphins really?

More, considering TE objective I think that a note is something of the maximum importance. Much more important than in the usual photo-sites.
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