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Hi Michael,

Post processing is probably the most contentious area of all for members and mods alike. The original ethos of the site was that images should look as 'natural' as possible and the tight constraints on PP were set when the site was created. That was in the days of film cameras where all images needed to be scanned and all but the most basic of post processing software was prohibitively expensive to most people.
Some form of PP is necessary for most images created with digital cameras and that is acknowledged by the mods. What we still strive for is the 'natural' look in the end product.
Subtle use of HDR, for example, is permitted as long as it is used for the purpose of enhancing shadow and highlight detail. More extreme use of HDR is not accepted here.
You may be aware of the sister sites, TrekLens & TrekNature, which were created specifically as a home for images which do not fit the aims of TrekEarth. TrekLens in particular has a much looser set of rules and even the most extreme photo manipulation is accepted there.
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