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Default Re: Chinese New Year Parisian Parade??

Hello Rinie (and Elaine),

I also found the date of Feb. 18th for the beginning of the Chinese New Year in 2007, but last year I think there were parades during at least 2 week-ends in a row (can't remember if it was the week-end before the real day, or the week-end after). Feb 18th seems the best bet however.

I'm not quite sure yet I'll be in Paris this week-end (I'll try to know fast!), but if I do I have a bed for you (I'm not in Paris actually though, but in the suburbs, easily accessible by train that runs late at night).

I hope there are other Parisians that would be interested by this event again, and it sure would be nice to see you two at this time. Maybe it's still too soon for people here to make plans...

Take care and best wishes for the holidays.

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