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Default Re: somehting out of the context


I don't know about the hole in the wall.. HCB has sometimes been seldom explanatory about his shooting conditions...

I saw that documentary film "HCB : the impassioned eye" shot around year 2000, there's a scenewhere someone from a library was showing him precious national archives about HCB own work and which were supposed to be selected for an exhib.
- About the first large print he was showed, HCB claimed he never took the photo but remembered it was one of his friend's whom he gave his camera to... the librarian almost fainted... fortunately, one of the person who accompanying the group told the librarian HCB often liked to joke and piss off serious people.
- On the second print, HCB told he never saw such a bad enlargment... the librarian was getting nervous.
- On the third print, HCB said he didn't like the image and wanted to have it to tear it into pieces, he tried to grab the precious print and they almost went to fight with the librarian preventing him to do so. Camera cut.

Then you'll guess it's difficult with such an anarchist mind to get the truth from what he claimed to be to what has really happened.

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