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Anna Maria Island is a good alternative from the busy beaches of Florida. Less than 2 hours away, going to and fro is an easy drive.

This island is a lovely combination of the old and the new. While the beach is filled with modern amenities, it's kept its non-touristic vibe through the local businesses that it supports.

Tortuga Inn is a great option for accommodations. Prices are not the cheapest but for the service that you get, the view and the rooms, it's actually reasonably priced. If you're traveling as a group, have a look at the prices and see if you can split it among yourselves.

You can check out the island's chamber of commerce if you want to find out more info.

Hope this helps! Thank you

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Is Anna Maria Island Good To Travel-What Will You Recommend
We have been looking forward to travel to Anna Maria Island towards the end of the May or perhaps 1st week of June from our company. A lot of people have recommended numerous avenues and we now have short listed few of them. One is Anna Maria Island we are organizing the whole thing with a modest budget and we also donít want to lose out this island for few dollars and heading to some other location because we have found out a lot about this place. A recently joined employee recommends this find rentals which he says is good. People have also explored on net there are many site and scheme. We donít wish to fall for a scam. Therefore decided I would ask right here for the opinions and move ahead keeping that in mind.