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Default Downhill...

I do drop by TrekEarth maybe 4-5 times a year since I stopped participating, frankly I don't quite know why... This discussion reminded me of a similar argument a few years ago.

And the last years the TE traffic is slowing down no doubt, I don't have data but Malgorzata showed a trend that probably is intensified by now.

None of my business really, but there is no idea asking the still active members why so many left! You have to consult some who actually dropped out and ask them why, then some meaningful information may turn up.

That said, photo sites designed similar to TrekEarth are dying all over the internet these days, people seems to prefer faster access (by phone) and they are not emphasising photo quality just news value. Bigger companies than yours misjudged the impact of smart phones, Nokia to mention one.

(Wow! My login works! Haven't tried that for years)