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Default Image removal and review - the process

I thought it might be helpful to members to provide an outline of what happens when an image is seen in the Gallery which one of the mods thinks breaks the Terms of Service (TOS).

If the mod is pretty certain the TOS have been broken then the image will be immediately deactivated and an e-mail sent to the member. In many instances the mod will have concerns but not be certain and then will post a link to the image in the Moderators Area of the forum and ask for other opinions. Depending on the outcome of the discussion the image may or may not be removed. Again, if it is removed an e-mail is sent to the member.

All members have the right to request a review of the image removal and to provide reasons they believe the image should be reinstated. All such review requests are discussed by the mods. It must be accepted that this can take some time, possibly even a number of days, as the mods are all volunteers and only have limited time to visit the site.

Once a final decision has been made, the member will be notified of the decision and, generally no further discussion will be entered into on the subject.

It should be noted that the only way to have an image removal considered is to send in a Review Request as detailed in the e-mail. Complaining in the General Forum, or elsewhere, cannot have any effect as we (the mods) only have access to the original image and notes if a Review Request is received.

I hope this helps shed a little light on what some seem to consider the workings of 'The Dark Side'.
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