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Interesting review Francis - keep them opinionated, it makes them more entertaining to read!
Yeah, I won't be buying a D300 either, but not for the reason of the complex AF. Indeed, the AF seems to be the main area area of improvement over the D200, which wasn't really a match for the pro D2 series and the F6. With the D300, Nikon has incorporated a true pro-level AF system with no compromises - the same as that in the D3.
That's all very well, but what I really want is full-frame. Unfortunately I can't afford to drop 3000 on a camera. Even if I could afford it I'm not sure I could justify that kind of expense. I just hope that Canon hurry up and announce their 5D successor - I won't be buying one of those either (!), but hopefully it will give Nikon the necessary kick up the a*se for us to see a "prosumer" (crap word, but I can't think of a better one) FX format competitor. The D300 (great camera though I'm sure it is) is no match for the 5D, or it's future replacement, for the very reason that it's not full-frame.
Anyone else noticed the name of the D300 grip - MB-D10? The grips for the D100/200 had corresponding numbers, MB-D100/200 and so on. I wouldn't be suprised if there was a D300-sized FX body waiting in the wings - waiting until Canon get around to announcing the 5D mkII. Wishful thinking perhaps...
Maybe I could sell the car and buy a D3...

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