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Default Re: The value of a photo

The answer to your first question is a matter of opinion and not right or wrong. I believe having a good subject is very important.
I am shocked how you can simply look down on those people by giving them a "rate", the man was not telling any lies. The west have left no country in this world without stealing every resource and the western people know it and they say they're not to blame because they're not part of that system. How can you not be part of that system when you pay them taxes, use their passport, work their jobs and vote for them every few years?
You're a visitor to a country, you should be treated like a guest as well as you should treat them as your host and respect their opinions and rules.
I believe you are judging people way too quick henk, you cant understand him unless you're in his shoe and you must have lived in the west most of your life so you have no idea what the world is going through everyday.
No hard feelings. Regards, Ramy.
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