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one deserves.
Poor people deserves poverty because they are slob. Wealthy people are brilliant and hard workers and so their wealthiness.
It is a matter for a profound thinking" by KIKVEL

I didnt know weather to laugh or cry when I read this, I also wasnt aware or the degree of ignorance that would allow someone to come up with a statment like this! but CESAR dont take it personal Im not trying to offend you. If you look at factual history you will find that decades of colonilisim (from 1st world countries) in the (3rd world) has led to the economic crises we have now in those regions , almost every place England has left like Kwaite/iraq, isreal/palastine, india/pakistan it has left it in a state of war. the centuries of slave trade has left africa in disaster and almost unreversable effects. look what is happeneing now in Iraq with the States! I could keep going and going but you can do your own research.
These countries are kept in chaeos to balance out wealthier economies, IMAGINE CHINA raising its standards of living and increasing wages to the level of Europe, we wouldnt be able to afford ANY THING!
3rd world countries are overflowing with natural resources, oil, produce, stock, ect... there is no reason for them not to be wealther except if they are made unstable by war, or other powers that distablize them(USA/IRAQ). but really this is not whos got more money, its the nature of men lusting for power & control.
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