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Default Re: The value of a photo

Hilarious. Caustic. Sardonic. Profound. Animesh at his best, my brother and sisters!
Indian streets from what I can see are already full of mischief at visiting photogs, be it lone TE-ers tryng not to get their cameras nicked, or entire tours of would be Nat Geo shooters following the GREAT Steve McCurry around the painted streets of Rajahstan... I mean you've got your hip sadhus with raisewd eyebrows pretending not to notice for the thousandth time, peole throwing themselves in front of a shot to either spoil it or be included.

Most hilarious encounter I ever had was in Hoi An, Vietnam - I see this charming, cpncial hatted, gnarled old girl, about 100 years old, slowly moving towards me in a boat. I raise my camera. Suddenly I see her wrinkled little hand extended toward me even while she's still in that boat, moving, and her toothless mouth mouthing "one dollar"... Ah Vietnam! Vietnam! I laughed. I mean it was hilarious, the floating extension of that quick hand, always ready for business... I said no and didn't take a shot.
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