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Default Re: The value of a photo

I agree. If I am very interested in his photo, I will pay him.

There is an idea that not giving alms to those who beg is good because either they will beg more and remain dependent or there will be more beggers in time. Indeed there might be some truth to that. Given the utter despair that reduces a person to such a pursuit, I wonder about the moral position of that idea.

If the frequency of people off the street in India who expect to be paid for their photos increases due to high volume street photography and payment, well IMO it is good because of several reasons. One is that street photographers are contributing to the economy. Second, there will be a very large collection of trained models so that due to high supply the exorbitant price advertizing agencies pay to models nowadays will go down. So advertizing will be less expensive, and we can see more advertizements, buy more products because of that, and economy will be even better. Third, in a few years everyone in India will become a paid model to street photographers, including Indian street photographers themselves. So they will pay each other and therefore will not have to pay for their photos on balance. The tradition will become so successful that it will spread to all other countries. I cannot wait for such a day.
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