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Default Re: The value of a photo

Before breaking the rules you have to master them :)

Suporting myself in this this famous statement, i say that techique is always important ... it's a diferent ball game to see a good photo than a clumsy snapshot from the same subject.

However techinque isn't everything, and then comes the subjective part of photography: Art and emotions.

Hit me if you want, but i don't see photography or at least the photojournism kind of photography as an art ... magnum guys are not artists ... are journalists with a camera on their hands ... but i believe in emotions and passion.

Better than anyone, you know the feeling when you are facing a great photo ... the chills in your back ... the fascination ... i believe that it only happens when you are facing a magical moment. A moment where a photographer has the luck to within 1/125 sec put all his passion and technician and freeze a unique scene.


The "second" part from your thread is harder ... i believe when you are visiting a country you have to:

- first: Try to understand where you are going, the culture the religion ... behave in a discret way ... try not to make a fool of yourself and the others.
- second: Try not to behave as a turist ... turists most of the time can be really "idiots". However most "advanced" photographers have another culture and are a diferend kind of turist.
- Third: Respect to be respected, if you respect others, if you are honest in your interests then people around you notice it and will also respect you.
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