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Default To mkamionka: Desolate parts at the Belgian coast

Thank you Mariusz,

Belgium is very densely populated and especially the Flemish part.

My photos here only give a view of a part of an existing landscape. The dunes only cover a small and often narrow area.
I could also also have taken pictures of places where you can see dunes with the sea on one side and a large street or buildings on the other. I have chosen to show the nature aspect as beautifully as possible.

My photos may give a false impression of our coast to those who would not read the notes.
What I showed is real, you can see it there, but it are only smaller parts of the entire coast.

My main photo may show an area about a kilometre long.
There in Bredene the beach and the dunes are still much larger. But there are also very large areas by the sea with lots of ugly buildings and that is where most visitors go to.

I would also never recommend going to the Belgian coast during the summer months.
I know that foreign visitors will find more beautiful and interesting places elsewhere in the country and should not spend their time-limited visit on our coast.
The many owners of a catering business by the sea will not take this away from me in gratitude.

Nevertheless, our coast, which is limited in distance, continues to attract many visitors. It is near. You can wait until the weather is nice to go there and there are many lodging, dining and fun options.

The fun aspect is of course different for everyone.
Actually the seaside resorts are a North Sea version of a Spanish costa.
However the Belgian coast had already developed touristically before most Spanish seaside resorts did.
And of course the weather is a bit different

Kind regards,

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