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Cool About RAW

Originally Posted by Romeo9 View Post
Hi! I have been playing with RAW images to improve photo resolution. As is, I get a 71 mb image, when auto-converted to a jpeg in PS Pro3, it would appear that I get a 3 mb image. With resizing (160%) I have brought it up to the 7 mb limit for uploading. My question is; is resizing to 7mb simply blowing up a 3 mb image without improving pixel quality, or is there better resolution at 7 mb? On my monitor there doesn't seem it be a perceptible difference. Any insight would be appreciated...Thanks!
Hi Romeo
I noticed that you have a Canon 60D
When you bought your equipment, the pack contains a DVD Digital Photo Professional software
This is a very useful software to perform pre-treatment of RAW files
You can directly transfer RAW files to JPEG with 71 Mb
And it is possible to reduce to 7 Mb directly
And you will not have to resize your photos because this causes a loss of quality

After this procedure you can use Photoshop to complete your corrections
In reality on your monitor differences are perceptible when you make a digital zoom on the picture, but not on the images published on Trekearth.
I suggest you to not publish large formats on the site
1500 pixels wide is amply sufficient
Large formats are a gift for theft
Keep your large formats for yourself. This will allow you to print large pictures with good definition
Best regards

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