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Originally Posted by spigola View Post
I am practically a begginer on TE and just got "burned" - one of my photos sent to trash or wherever deleted pictures go. The problem with the picture seemed to be the fact that the subject posed for the picture which I willingly admitted in the note.
Which bothers me is the fact that most of the portraits are staged (and they are great portraits, don't get me wrong!) So why aren't the rules the same for everyone?
What we (the mods) try to do is differentiate between the situation where a person is seen and simply asked to look to the camera, and one where an opportunity to stage a photo op is seen and then the image created. For example asking somebody in ethnic dress to stand for a photo is viewed differently to an image which has been set up and posed.
For example an image of somebody in 'ethnic dress' who has been asked to stand for a photo would be considered more favourably than one of somebody 'holding up' the Leaning Tower of Pisa. One can reasonably be considered to be 'Daily Life' when the other is obviously staged.
I hope that helps explain.
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