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Hi Gert,

HAha, Funny that you remember so well after more than 40 years why you got up early . For me, it seems easier to get up early now, when I am old and I could sleep as long as I wish. (I must get up in time to write my critiques before 9.20 a.m., haha. And it takes me quite a long time. )
But when I travel, I always get up early. Even in the very touristy places, in the morning you can have them for yourself. I remember when I was in Pisa. before seven, there was NO ONE in Piazza Dei Miracoli. And of course, there is never too early when I want to see the sunrise.
When I was in Iran, we went early and returned late, and I liked it. On contrary, in Sankt Petersburg, we had breakfast at 9! For me, it was a horror.

How long will TE work? TL and TN are dead already.

Have a nice day

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