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Originally Posted by IBAlex View Post
Hello everybody,

I'm happy to announce that we resolved the problem together with tech team. If you upload pictures that are 800px wide, they would not be resized to 790px. I tested it and I see that the picture "Dog walking" by Mariusz is 800px.

To reproduce this result in Chrome:
1. Open Chrome
2. Go here:
3. Right-click on the image and select "Inspect Element." A pane will show on the bottom of the window.
4. In the right side of the bottom pane, there's a box with 3 tabs on the top. Click on the tab that says "Computed"
5. There should be a picture of boxes within boxes. The inner-most box should say 800x533. If it doesn't say 800 then refresh the browser (or clear your cache) and repeat the above steps until it does.

Let me know if you also see that everything is fine now. Thanks!
By the way I switched recently to Chrome and now I have tested this procedure above. The number stays 790, whatever I do...
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