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Default Thank you, Aleksandra

Dear Aleksandra,

Thank you for this message.

Actually, I thought that your technical team might have been having problems because, after I read your post on 16th June, I looked at an image and it was indeed 800 pixels wide! But, unfortunately, a few hours later, all images were again reduced to 790 pixels in width with the usual reduction in image quality. So the improvement was transitory.

I agree that your advice is indeed sensible. Perhaps we should all revert to using "beta" TE or else seriously consider posting images of no more than 790 pixels in width. Hopefully your technical team will manage to resolve the issue quickly but, in the meantime, we shall all try to be patient!

But I do really worry that this issue might make some TE members less inclined to continue on this site. I certainly do hope this will not be the case as I have been a member of TE now for nearly eight years and have found it to be a wonderful site: I have learned a lot about our wonderful World, I have learned a lot about photography, and I have made quite a few friends here, a few of which I have had the pleasure of meeting in person - and purely on account of TrekEarth. We all owe a lot to Adam Silverman!

Kind Regards,

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