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Default Re: Just an observation & PLEASE- NO POINTS...

To Lukie,

Hey Luc...great idea! If people don't know who the points came from, then they can't return the favour. I'd say that's a good idea and yes, people should give points and "critique" because it's a good photo or a beautiful photo. Of course each has their own opinion on what's beautiful and what's not, but common' we all can see whether the quality of a photo is good or not!! It just seems to me that it all has to do with having a good reputation here on TE and some get 100 points for a photo that isn't all that great technically or quality wise. That tells me that people can't see very good or they just don't know too much about photography...OR which is the case on TE, they just want to be friendly and get points in return.

Anyway, I think everybody gets the point! :o)

A good weekend to everybody,
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