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Default Re: Just an observation & PLEASE- NO POINTS...

There really is nothing wrong with that

in itself no, but if it defines the site, maybe a bit. The idea that started TE was quite specific, and now the only defense of the site is "it is about travel", which is nice of course, but not so specific, let's admit it. I am like Kevin, obviously, I have a bit of attachment to TE, because this is really where I learnt to improve and get inspired, but this lasted about a year, after that the childish point swapping (with inane critiques, read as if copied and pasted ad nauseam) was in a way too punishing for the efforts so many put in their photo-taking that got so little review, next to, yes no need to deny it, pure snapshot crap. I really enjoy TE much better as a dilettanTE, when and how I want to, which is talking about shots, photography, and not posting. A lot just left or are mere ghosts of their ever-logging past.

I disagree about the tight knit community, but TE has been great to acquaint with people, meet them, and hopefully, be their friends. But that's not in the TOS! ;-)
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