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Default Re: A few semiotics, if you please... (II)

----> suite

“The way the scientist designs the experiment determines the outcome..”, of course. The object of study being submitted to a permanent process of change, it is rather fortunate that the experiment construction can be continuously adapted to this factor. And we all know that when departing from an almost identical point, it takes just 1mm to engender a huge distance between two subjects at the point of arrival. That doesn’t mean the outcome is hazardous. If it is not the outcome expected, we might as well start everything all over again. But, any of the results produced will still be a part of the extremely complex puzzle commonly named Life, ore reality, or whatever. Minimizing that, is taking the risk of putting aside some of the probabilities which can lead us further on the achievement of the game (no Curtis…not talking about Mario’s adventures for Gameboy). Well, we can always close our eyes on a theories of probabilities, but I doubt that will help us on the accomplishment of our Karma, as well as I doubt that meditation is better suited for “understanding” what is or is not real (although I think it is a powerful selective tool, sometimes very useful in an materialistic overwhelmed context).

Look at this thread. You may see it as a rather sterile debate on an issue that finally isn’t that important , and even more, perhaps as useless as any other nihilistic questioning on subjects to which we have no answers.

I prefer to see it in another way. Not only have we already covered several interesting topics, but also have come to exchange opinions, which are nothing more than probabilities to each one of us. Are you a better man after this? Will I be a better man? Perhaps not. But in the meantime I’ve come to interact my views with the ones of someone at the other side of the planet, in a polite and (let me pretend so) constructive way. And that, my dear friend, is as important to me as listening to Bach or looking at the sunset. And why do I say it is important? Because it makes me GROW into humanity.

Cheers :o)
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