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Default Re: A few semiotics, if you please... (II)

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In your answer to Richard, you state that “… descriptive tools that explain the possible motivations for the photographer doing what the photographer does, will never answer questions about reality and its relationship with the creative act of taking a photo.” I’m really not sure that was the purpose of the tools exposed. The answer at the origin of this thread doesn’t consist in determining WHY a photographer takes photographs (that is asked in another thread on this site). It is a much wider questioning on the mechanisms that make a bridge out of a photograph, between one’s consciousness and his perception on the philosophical means of reality (and I draw your attention to the plural form I’ve just employed). As I’ve said before, I don’t ask myself why I take photographs, or why I put a coin under my son’s pillow in the utilitarian meaning of the act itself. I actually don’t try to find a rational meaning to each single act of communion with those who surround me. But I definitely question myself permanently on the mechanisms at the origin of what I feel an HOW I feel it. That allows me to make a step further in the knowledge of myself and the knowledge of others, and in certain cases that even allows me to reproduce (yes Curtis, have no doubt!) what I otherwise would have thought to be an “unique” moment in existence. Awareness of the mechanism involved, engenders reproduction (and that doesn’t mean cloning…). Our capacity of adapting to the environment is unlimited, and adapting means becoming a part of that environment through a process of integration, which is only possible if we put to work all the tools at our disposal, sensorial as well as rational (and IMHO, they are strictly related and cannot be dissociated).

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