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Default Re: A few semiotics, if you please... (II)

Hello Curtis,

Thank you for the time you’re taking to bring your point of view in this thread, although it’s utility doesn’t seem that obvious for you ;o)). It is in fact a pleasure to debate with you, and if at any time I seem to be harsh or disagreeable, please believe that is simply not intended, but a result of my level of English language which sometimes gets out of hand (I am actually conceptualising in Portuguese, putting into words in French and translating into English…so there’s probably an abyss between my original thought and what you’re reading, but I’m confident that your heart will manage to cross it ;o) ).

It is a fact that we’re not coming to an agreement as far as the way we can experiment Life while retaining a lesson from that relationship based on logical analysis which, may I remind you, differentiates our species from most others on this planet. Your denial of the value of the empirical apprenticeship coming from observation, which is obviously based on a descriptive and systematic analysis of physical phenomenon’s and interactions, denies at the same time a fundamental part of human’s “evolution” in its strict meaning (I’m not getting in the debate if we, XXIst century human beings, are less barbarians than the Cro-Magnon man 40000 years ago).

I don’t intend to make an apology of the scientific systematic approach, but it seems to me rather incomplete to state that the descriptive questioning leads to “…hypotheses that are mistakenly viewed as facts until the next set of hypotheses come down the pike”. May I remind you that even today, these are the basic principles at the origin of the medical or pharmaceutical research, for instance, among several other branches in the scientific or simply humanist domain. I’m pretty much sure that in a way or another you also Curtis (because we all, humans, do) are benefiting from the results of research against Cancer… or AIDS… or Alzheimer… or whatever. Of course, different premises or different questionings, would lead to different results. We are living structures in permanent mutation, which means that nothing is actually permanent with the exception of mutation itself. Meanwhile I’m pretty much happy myself of knowing that there are people around the world, not only interacting with it in a sensitive way, but also questioning and trying to understand HOW we come to Love, and HOW we have needs that go far beyond the physiological premises that allow us to survive in an otherwise hostile environment. “Nothing in this exercise represents reality”, you say? I wouldn’t bet on it. That kind of exercise is allowing us to break knowledge frontiers in every single area connected to the perceptible world or, if you wish, the environment we commonly characterize as being real.

------> tbc
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