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Default Re: TE photobook: the return

When the project was launched initially, some themes where created where TE members could put in a certain number of photos that could be considered for the book. There were some minimum requirements regarding the photos that could be included such as that they had to be a favorite or minimum number of comments.

So, I guess that first we need to see if there is a general interest of a minimum number of members for this project (which so far is not there based on the response to my post)

Based on the number of interested members we should plan the number of pages and or photos that the book will have (or a range thereof).

Then we should identify the photos to be used via themes and maybe voting.

We could ask members to propose cover designs as was done earlier.

Based on the number of members/photos, we could have an initial idea of the cost by going through blurb.

The final design should e done quite quickly in order not to loose momentum. I could contact blurb to see if it is possible to create a joint account in which several people can work on the drafts together. Finally we could get an initial commitment from each participating member as to how many books we would each get. Based on that we could negociate a volume discount with blurb.

Its just an idea. I would be willing to work on the draft of the book and some of the organization. I just think we need to accelerate the process in order not to lose momentum. Using a site like blurb (or a better one if anyone suggests) should make it easier from a logistics, ordering, pricing perspective.
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