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Default Re: Need help with chosing a DSLR Camera

[Infact the entire idea of focussing only on Nikon or Cannon was pretty stupid and thanks for pointing out Pentax, I'l surely keep this option in mind.
thanks a ton again.]

Well, I wouldn't call it stupid maybe, but it's, well pretty standard..lot's of people only look to either Nikon and Canon. And yes they have the broadest platforms, the best marketing departments, they are rich companies, can invest a lot (R&D). But it's a bit narrow choice still (2 brands I mean, their platforms offer plenty of choices, but that's not what I meant), not so openminded. You don't have to buy a Pentax (or Olympus or Sony), but it's atleast fair to take them in to consideration.

There just are no 'bad' dSLR's at the moment, only dSLR that fullfill different needs. Different people have different demands, different brands can fullfill those demands. Some camera's have shortcomings on some facets, others on other facets. What is a shortcoming for someone, might not be a handicap for someone else. One has to look for him or herself what you find important about a camera, what kind of features it offers or has to offer for you.
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