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You're welcome.

That 2.2 native (Monitor gamma setting) might not be available in the Spyder2Express software. I'm using the Spyder2suite which a version little more advanced than the express but less than the Pro.
Actually, I've just check the spec on spyder website and found out the gamma setting and colour temperature setting are fixed. I believe that you might be using the Apple gamma setting 1.8 as default but that should not have any impact on the color temperature of your monitor, the colour temperature setting does have an impact obviously. Now from the top of my (I'm at my office now), I think I'm using 6500K.

I don't use lightroom but camera raw and Photoshop. When I develop my RAW in Camera RAW I use ProPhoto RGB which has the widest gamut. It's only in my photoshop post-processing that I convert to a color space that will suit the end use of the picture. If the picture will be published on the web, I'll convert it to sRGB. If it's for printing, I will convert the picture to a color space that will suit the printer and the paper color space. After converting, I will fine tune all the correction have done prior the convertion if necessary. That's why I always use layers in my processing.

In short, I start with the widest gamut as possible and depending of the end use of the picture I slice it down to tighter gamut to fit the end use colorspace. This is my way of doing it other might prefer to use the target colorspace right from the start. This is also a valid way to work a picture as sometime, some tighter colorspace will never be able to reproduce a colour no matter what you do. So some people thinks it's better not to see that color from the very begining of the post-processing.

PS: All what I wrote above is what I think I know about simple color management. But color management is extremely complex. Actually, it is a job usually done by specialist in the industry. So some parts of what I just wrote might not be as accurate as think they are. So I think it is always worth to check them out from other sources.


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