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Default Re: Need help with chosing a dSLR Camera

Expensive ... super expensive lens ... don't believe the quality meets the price.
You will hardly find any third parties (sigma/tonika) built for Pentax

Nah the camera's aren't expensive they are even cheap! Nothing can compare to a K10D in it's grade of price..there is no dSLR that features what a K10D features for that price.
The primes are indeed a little too expensive for what you get, but the optics of most lenses are fairly good, the primes aswell, 31mm, 77mm, 43mm, don't wonder why they are limited and pricey, they are masterpieces..)

Don't for get that Canon has super super expensive lenses aswell. (70-200 F2.8's aren't cheap eitheR!! versions with IS cost you hundreds of dollars or euro's more than a non-IS version.)

Finding third party lenses (sigma/tokina/tamron) for Pentax takes some more time than finding them for Nikon/Canon, but that's a logical thing. Once you've found it, your done. You only need a specific lens one time, not ten times. If you have it, you have it. I've found my Sigma's 10-20, 17-70, 70-300 APO with ease and for fair prices (that is, not much more expensive than for Canon/Nikon mount)

Sony still keeps on promising, lenses still have to come. They promise a big platform, but until now, not much has moved there..

Nikon based I would indeed say try to get a D50.

Canon's kitlens is for sure the worst kitlens around..
400D must be a good cam, but I would skip the kitlens for sure if I would by that cam now!
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