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Default Re: Need help with chosing a DSLR Camera


The best value for the money must be Nikon or Canon.

About Nikon:
If i were you i would completly forget the D40/D40x
As have been said before... most lenses will not autofocus and the camera miss some really importat features... i think outrageous what nikon did ... but i'm no nikon fan either :D
Check the D50 or D80

Expensive ... super expensive lens ... don't believe the quality meets the price.
You will hardly find any third parties (sigma/tonika) built for Pentax

The desilution is proporcional to the expectation i had on this first serious camera: BIG!
Ergonomical is a failure ... and the built in options are not that strong
Sony promised promised and at the end built a very normal camera

Seems a racional choise ... good quality, good features ... not many lenses aroud

IMO is still the best choice of them all ... the 400D/rebel XTI
Maybe the weekest kit lens of all prosumer DSLR's
But also the brand that gives you more for less
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