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Default Re: Need help with chosing a DSLR Camera

Sony A100 - roughly 650 USD:
Steadyshot option in the body! Very crispy, intensely coloured images of very good resolution. Sometimes underexposure with muti-segment metering. Good continuous shooting w Jpg. Noisy at higher ISO (like most in this segment), not so good at looooong exposures.

Pentax K10D - 800 USD roughly:
Robust body w weather seals, well toned images, special exposure settings, shake and dust reduction, no buttons for white balances / iso sensitivity, images quite 'soft', more of a RAW machine.

Olympus E410 / E510 - 600 and 700 USD roughly:
(Biggest difference the in-body image stabilization and stronger flash of E510)

Nikon D40X (10 Mpix opposed to 6 Mpix of D40 - and ISO3200 boost - 650 USD opposed to 500):
Good AF, response, good image processing, amazing resolution and sharpness, faster continuous shooting than D40, No DoF preview, NO AF motor, no ISO and WB buttons.

Nikon D80 - Roughly 850 USD:
Excellent resolution, sharpness, very good built quality, vibrant colours, good metering, customizable auto ISO, lots of user settings, adjustable controls, noise at higher ISO and a high price - but good built quality.

If you want to spend 500 USD, keep on saving money ;-). A K100D might go for 530 USD, but it's only 6.1 Mpix...

If you want to spend 650 USD it's the Sony A100.
The D40 is also 650 US, but 6.1 Mpix. The Olympus E410 would be an option as well, but with my Sony R1 fixed lense prosumer I've been so happy that my preference would be a Sony. They build and design the chips and know how to build the rest around it! Only downside sometimes the metering.

If you go higher, it will be first the Olympus E510 (700 USD), then the Pentax K10D (800 USD) en just above that the Nikon D80 (850 USD). Do yourself a big favour and go for the D80 once you consider to save your money and go above 700 USD. I also do not see the D40x as an option due to lense compatibility.

So Sony A100 for 650 USD and Nikon D80 if you want to spend more. Below 650, do yourself a favour and keep on saving money! :-) You'll really be happy with that decision later on. ;-)

Hope it helps! Dennis
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