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Default Re: Need help with chosing a DSLR Camera

The very last cameras in the world I would recommend are the D40 and the D40X. If you go to a camera store right now, 60% of the Nikkor lenses they have in stock will not auto focus on those two cameras and the ommisions are glaring. The only mid length prime lens which will AF on the Nikons is actually made by Sigma. You will have the choice of a whole bunch of low to mid level zooms which will work as well as some extremely expensive longer glass as well as some very good and very expensive fast zooms. The D80 is a much better bet.

Personally, I am no fan of the entry level Canons, but many like them. I think by looking at only Canon and Nikon, you are missing out on the best entry priced DSLR in the market, which is the Pentax K100D. Pentax doesn't give you the range of choices in lenses, nor are they as easy to find, but you will get a camera that is better built and better featured than anything else within a few hundred dollars. Pentax does have some great prime lenses available as well and in the mid focal lengths, they can go head to head with anyone.
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