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Default The innocent battle of the windmills

Well reminded Cristina! :-))))

It seems that Portugal and Holland are meant to confront in bloody battles once in a while… :-))

And as in a previous example it seems that the Dutch continue to be ruthless to Cristiano Ronaldo. If you look carefully, Cristiano is the guy in shorts in that image… WHAT HAVE HE DONE TO YOU?!!! WHAT!!!!


It was a great game, despite all the violence (well that brings some emotion to the game to be true…). Unfortunately the referee spoiled the game but it already had a yellow shirt so that was already a sign to what was coming… A real referee uses black equipment (so we can call it the traditional “son of a b**** black bull” – a caring expression used in Portugal to name the referees…) .

It was a bitter orange to digest though but at the end justice was made. :-)

Now we have to face those guys… the… the… English or something… Never heard of them… I think they’ve started to play football recently. Hope they know how to tie the football boots so the game doesn’t stop too much time. :-)

For those who were still children when the violent war of the windmills happened here’s the link: The innocent battle of the windmills (read the notes for you to understand the happenings).
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