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Default Re: Magnum wants to hear from you

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for putting this subject on forum.
Well, What Ming & Francis has said may be right at some extent. It depends how you watch magnum.

In fact, I suggest you to put the question list which will talk various part of web page & will ask member to fill out. It will connect different points like Look & feel, Appearance, Functions, Linking,
& also the view of viewer includes business prospective, General viewer etc etc.

If you take just as one web site as one subject. You will get most of the personal opinions. I like it or not or Bla bla. :D

As far as my personal opinion concerned, In look & feel..true magnum is far better than what it was..
Also it is great to keep on Screen wall updated time to time & reflect as much as photos to viewer from various photographer & As business prospect this should really work fine & help magnum to come out all the issues which they are facing. :{

Well, but as a regular viewer of magnum I really hate current site of magnum. I mean It is too much automated & like auto changing of screen works really fast & irritating. Though it can controlled by clicking those buttons (Hidden though on screen) but those functions are far difficult to understand and once you understand that it is easy to operate. but till that time it is pain.

About filters, Filtering is really strong one & you can squeeze to exact requirement what you are looking for . But at time filter hold unnecessary strings that really are not in line with selected photographer.
Even while filtering, list of photographer also contented some unnecessary names..(may be of agency) that need to be separated.

I many times get upset of hyper linking.
If I am planning to debate with someone about particular image, & if I link it. Link takes me to 1st general search page.
Of course, I am free viewer & not going to add any VALUE in terms of $$$ directly but may be my hyper linking can!!!!!
In fact this might have done purposely to avoid illegal transaction of copyright photos etc.but even though...

I am writing it randomly so I am not much accurate but in case of some spare time I can even provide sort of example too.

Another thing, feed back function.
Thousands of people keep on watching magnum & for me 3-4 times in day but If I want to give some feedback whom too??
It might assumed that since you are the in charge for web..can be asked to you..but again this is if & but..
Clear feedback button is necessary I feel.

Same case for the queries, I think.
of course it is burden to reply the queries & most of the time queries are not valid if viewer is general viewer & not going to add any value to business prospects. ;)

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