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Default Re: Magnum wants to hear from you

Anyway, Magum would like to hear from you, that means a good beginning, right? :)
Well, for me, that's a great website that I can see now. It has been improved so much in a short time, making photos with multimedia, keeping up the old style it has, offerring the different photos to different audiences as well...but maybe it is an exclusive club, for example, most of the photos shown the openning China I can see that are all from one photographer, which was just his view, but it would make many western people think that China would be like that. so why not to open another window on the web for the amateur photographers, for the readers who love Mugum so much, which like National geographic site.

Also, I cannot see what different between sign in or not, has it?

Just an advice, a little crazy but it is by heart.
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